Choices, choices, choices..... TX/RX module Combos

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Choices, choices, choices..... TX/RX module Combos

Postby bnrusso » Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:44 pm

Bruce has done an excellent job of testing, reviewing and commenting on those TX/RX modules that he has come by.
I also appreciate his recommendations on how he TRUSTS using any given system.
I have reviewed and re-reviewed several of his articles and still find it difficult to look at an overall picture at some given time and try to decide which system is best from an individual stand point of value.
Is it a good idea to switch to $10 rx's? Will they be around in a few months? I really can't decide.
Partly because systems are changing frequently; partly because new systems are constantly popping up and partly because of the recalls, caveats and combos being removed from service.
I'm hoping to see something like an excel type spreadsheet matrix for currently avaliable modules similar to what consumer reports creates to determine rankings and a BEST BUY.
Right now I'd like to get help to decide what info to gather, how to rate the collected data and an assortment of what brand names and their sources to collect.
Should there be a cross reference of sources and prices since several of the combos share true compatibility between themselves?
Things that come to mind are how do you seperate cost to country? Legality to use in different countries? Since I'm in the US I'm concerned what the total cost is to my door. (Bruce keeps calls the 9x a $60 radio, to me it's almost $100.)

Is this a viable endeavor or too big of a task?

JR, Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics, Corona, Fly-Sky, FR-Sky, Fly Dream, ASSAN, Turnigky, XPS, WFLY, KDS, EZC, other private labels like HobbyKing*, Century, Exceed, ............... all make modules.

There is DSSS, FHSS, and hybrid as Bruce notes.

Are they parkflyer or full range, is it user firmware upgradeable, failsafes one or all channels, size, weight, how to rate interference, what's the current version, what's the min. voltage, reboot time, .......

*HobbyKing's got a great selection but their lack of availability at any given time makes me wonder if those out of stock items will ever be back in stock.

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