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Postby bnrusso » Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:04 am

I'm in the USA.
I'm not discussing or plugging auctions only BUY-IT NOW or BEST OFFER.
(Only the sellers who list auction items make more money by advertising.)

I've PURCHASED several RC items on e-bay from reputable hobby shops to direct Honk Kong sales.
I'm satisfied with all my purchases.
Props, batteries, servos, brushless motor combos, airplanes and airplane parts, prop adapters, eneloops, JST connector leads, balance plugs, weed-eater converted motors,.....
Several non RC items like cell phone replacement batteries, data cables, auto parts, vacuum cleaner parts, pretty much anything....

I search for an item, select BUY IT NOW only, sort by price and shipping-lowest first and find the best deals.
I then try re-wording the search to find other of the same items. Maybe x4 or x10 where it's much cheaper to buy a pack of x?
You must watch for how much does shipping cost and if there are discounts for buying multiple items and have them shipped together.
You must also only buy from sellers that have mostly high feedback ratings and have sold hundreds or thousands of items.
You must also be careful that you really know what you are looking for as there are MANY counterfeit and fake items.
I found people showing pack of 4 items and only selling 1 ea. in the description, just a manual instead of the item, plans instead of real things, stuff that may actually be free with research on the web.

If you are careful you can get some really great deals.
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Postby ofer24 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:43 pm

I have recently purchased a 450SE V2 clone on ebay with a bunch of spare parts.
The total amount paid (inc. shipping) was less than HobbyKing, and thanks to the ebay feedback system I resolved a "missing parts" issue with one message transaction with the seller (they forgot the flybar weights).
Other than that everything arrived in good condition, and I'm satisfied with shipping time (~14 days).

I usually prefer ebay, unless I cant find the parts I'm looking for, and the main reason is that you can rest assured knowing that untill you submit feedback you will get pretty good service. I have a fair amount of experience with service issues.

I did buy the following from HK for this kit: Lipo batteries, Turnigy 9x remote ,an outrunner motor and servos.

That's it, hope this helps,

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Postby menace » Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:55 am

I am in the uk and have also bought lots of items from e bay in China,and never had any problems,but make sure the seller has a good rating.But do shop around to get the best deal ,do check postage on cheap items as you will find the postage is often over inflated.
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