don't buy batteries here

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don't buy batteries here

Postby hasbeen » Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:02 am

battery space .com has outrageous shipping and handling costs plus
i think they use 20 mule team to ship.
my experience was about $12 to send 15 aa cells from california to
arkansas. shipped on the 3rd delivered on the 11th.
according to google i could have driven to california picked the
batteries and been back home in 4 days.
definitely not good plus their customer service didn't care.
i won't buy anything from them again even if it's free.
not only was the shipping a problem, but one of the batteries was dead.
when i asked battery space .com about a replacement they simply hung up on me.
worst customer service i've ever encountered.
don't waste your hobby dollars here.
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