Charging the $8 RX battery? Adding balance leads?

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Charging the $8 RX battery? Adding balance leads?

Postby Kerosene » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:10 am

I'm made up the $8 battery pack using these protected cells from DX to use in my Turnigy 9X.

Can I safely charge the pack just like any other 7.4V 2 cell LiPo pack? Does the protection circuit get in the way when charging in series?

What about adding a balancing lead to my pack? I've got some 2S JST-XH leads (these), but I'm not sure where to solder which wires to the batteries - or if it's even necessary when using protected cells.
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Re: Charging the $8 RX battery? Adding balance leads?

Postby crampy » Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:30 pm

I have a balance lead on my pack. I charge them the same as you do a LiPo, Works great.
I also ditched the stock battery pack plug and soldered a JST plug to the transmitter terminals and one on the pack. Much easier to install and remove and to charge that way too.
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