Dumb question: FrSky telemetry receivers.

If you've been building electronic bits or modifying stuff you've bought then tell us all about it here. A good place to discuss the installation of 2.4GHz DIY modules too.

Re: Dumb question: FrSky telemetry receivers.

Postby Oops » Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:03 am

Sid, bit late reacting here. Didn't see these postings before. Pity it didn't say Phoenix 2000.

I would have sworn that was my lath, Sid, which is called a Trupro (Taiwanese) here in New Zealand. Gearbox is with rotating levers and indeed at times a bit problematic but it still goes well. Starting on my 3000W inverter is too much and I need my generator running. I have a frequency drive but that is one of the many jobs to do. I feel for you that you had to sell the lathe, fully understand. I think the wife goes first (well... nearly).

Very interesting thread here. We should have a Phoenix 2000 thread. I just ordered the gear to mount the elevator/rudder servos in the back in a similar way as the aileron/rudder servos. This should give me about 50gr to put in the nose and tons more space to put in the fuselage.

No flying since a perfect flight on Saturday and it will be Sunday before I will have time again.
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