DLG radio and battery refit

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DLG radio and battery refit

Postby Paul at Macs » Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:12 pm

Hi Bruce and others. Firstly, let me say a huge thanks Bruce for your wonderful contributions on YouTube. You’re clearly very knowledgeable in all thing rc aero and very generous in sharing that knowledge with others – much appreciated. I hope you can find 5 minutes to give me some advice or at least point me in the direction of a forum where a returning enthusiast can come up to speed with what’s new in the hobby.

I’ve recently returned to rc aeromodelling after about 15 years away and obviously much has changed. I’ve always been a glider fan, mostly slope soaring – wings, floaters, hlg and one fast glass ship. I have very little experience with electrics or electronics. I have an almost mint condition Salsa dlg that I purchased shortly before children and work put paid to my flying time. I’d like to revive the glider and get it airborne. It previously flew with a 36mh system - JR XP642 tx connected to R500 rx and an undecipherable Ni battery – it’s deteriorated over the years. The plane supports 4 JR NES 371 servos. Obviously I’ll need to check that these are still in good working order before getting airborne.

I recently purchased on Gumtree two working Dx6i tx (one for me and one for my 15yo who is showing real interest in the hobby) The two tx came with a Turnigy Acucell 6 charger.

My questions are... Can you please recommend a receiver and battery combination to replace the old system. I was thinking something like an…
• OrangeRx R610V2 connected to a
• Turnigy nano-tech 750mAh 1S 35-70C Lipo Pack

Do I need a BEC or can I fly safely without – this tech it totally new to me?

Are there any alternatives or better suggestions you can recommend, the OrangeRX seems to be in short supply at HobbyKing and I’d like to buy from them if possible.

Is the old JR system still of any value - can I still fly with it given the right replacement batteries, can it be upgrated?

Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards Paul – MacMasters Beach on the NSW Central Coast.
Paul at Macs
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