Best Plane for a Pulse Jet?

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Best Plane for a Pulse Jet?

Postby frostycrashman » Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:51 pm


I have only been flying about 3 years. I normally fly a Bixler 2 with strengthened spar and carbon fibre skeleton, bigger motor, ESC, and 5000mah battery. Its a very quick and stable plane when flying FPV. I'm looking at starting a new project with a hobbyking 'red head' pulse jet. I realize they drink the fuel. I realize I need to have space for that and my fpv gear (if vibration / interference isnt going to be an issue). My question Is what would be a good plane for this job. I realize it would have to have a good payload and COG would have to be suitable. Any help here would be appreciated. I'm an Engineer by trade so I was thinking about re-doing the whole back of the pulse jet with a bit of dairy tube flared at one end and a reducer at the other and purge weld it up. As we all know how shotty the s/s work is on those Hobbyking pulse jets. I also have access to a cnc watercutter so new or improved reed valve isn't a problem. I'm guessing I'm gonna have to go to a balsa/fibreglass plane. After watching Bruce's EZ long fly, I've been set on this project :)

This Is a pulse jet powered plane that really impressed me.

check out this video. Typical German engineering........ buggers.

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