Hot DJI E310 T.P.S. motors Help Please!

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Hot DJI E310 T.P.S. motors Help Please!

Postby Aus67 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:40 am

Hi All,
I have recently purchased a DJI E310 Tuned Propulsion System and have them fitted onto a 480 size quad that at last count weighed a total of 1.7kg. According to the DJI website, it states that the E310 TPS is for quads between 1 - 2.5kg.

For some reason, two motors (left rear and forward right) are getting very hot when compared to the other two and as a 'responsible multi-rotor pilot' I am concerned about the airworthiness of these motors as they are brand new.

So I have put it out to the world for opinions. Is this safe the way it is? or will this end up falling from the sky?

A short video of the hot motors is here.

I have made two videos now displaying the multirotor's weight andthe COG. I have reduced the weight from 2.0 kg down to 1.7kg for the second video and still two motors are very hot compared to the others. I have built several other quads over the last two years and have had no problems.

DJI, pushed me back to the Aussie Dealer and the Australian Dealer 'RiseAboveAerials' reckon its too heavy and the COG may be out!

Anyone have any thoughts? I do not want to fly a quad that is not airworthy !!!
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