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Walkera Devo 12s and RX 1202

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:13 pm
by iss12
Hello Bruce,
I have a Devo 12s and a lot of RX 1202 for my Helis and quads also on a Trex 800 pro dfc and I am very happy with it.
Every time I had a problem with my helis the manufacturers of the other electronics say that its the walkera fault because it's a bad brand and after finding the solution it was every time my fault or other electronics!
When I say that I have a walkera tx rx on my trex 800 everyone tell me that I am mad but they don't technically explain why!
Does it make sense?
I am very upset about that, can you make a review of these? If I want to buy a tx rx of another famous brand like futaba or hitec capable of the same of what can do the devo 12s It would cost me a furtune.
I had problems actually with the telemetry module of walkera and this is the link everything else went well!
Thanks for your help.